Coaching for Individuals 

“In the end, we need to feel that the life we lived was our life, not someone else’s, that it was chosen rather simply our following the instructions on the box, and that we stood in a respectful relationship to that which is larger than ordinary comforts and provided a deep sense of meaning, of satisfaction, and reciprocity. Then it may be said that we have really been here, living the life we were meant to live. The task, and the path we take in addressing it, will be different for each of us, but that is the gift we are asked to share, the gift of our separate selves.” James Hollis

Our coaching methodology rests on a solid foundation of relationship characterized by trust, respect, and constructive conversations. The goal of our coaching is to develop competence that leads to both sustainable excellence and personal fulfillment. Our coaching is based on the premise that every person is both unique and constantly changing.

Services for individuals

1. Comprehensive Integrated Coaching Program 

This coaching design supports, empowers, and encourages you in your development, while consistently drawing you into an engaging and effective new way of being. An extensively individualized program leading you through a comprehensive process determined by exactly what you want to achieve. A comprehensive integrated coaching program is designed based on your current situation – what you want to achieve – deepened as a workable topic with specific measurable objectives. The program is consistently calibrated to maximize your growth over a specific time period. 

This style of program benefits three types of people: 

  • Those who know exactly what they want to achieve yet don’t know how to get there
  • Those who are running into challenges in what they are attempting to achieve
  • Those who know something needs to change, yet are unclear what and how exactly to accomplish that

A program format often consists of the following: 

  • We meet once every two weeks. Text, call, and email as often as needed. 
  • Exact program length will vary depending on what you wish to accomplish 
  • We collaboratively establish specific objectives to measure the outcomes of your program 
  • Regular practices are designed to build the capacities you’ll require to start moving towards your goals 
  • Your commitment is paramount to the success of your program First two sessions regularly 1.5-2h in length……Subsequent sessions 1-1.5h in length

2. Consolidated Integral Coaching Program

Two session package designed to give you what you need to start working on your own development. A program is designed consisting of practices, exercises and self-observations you can use to guide your own process. This format works well for people who:

  • Don’t have time for a full coaching program
  • Prefer to work on their own
  • Are working on something small and specific
  • Don’t require support in their development
  • Want to try out coaching before committing to a full program
  • Do not have the money to invest in a full coaching program
  • Phone, Skype, in person
  • Two 1.5-2h long sessions

3. Evolving Self Retreat

When you desire to get away to do some deep personal work, consider an Evolving Self Retreat. Largely precipitated by how life is unfolding, we will create an Evolving Self Retreat that will take you into the heart of who you are. The scope of this retreat is designed to deepen your development. The retreat will include: silence, provocation, enjoyment, shadow-work, conversation, physical challenge, bodywork, relaxation, meditation, collaboration, emotional work, and peace.

Your Evolving Self Retreat is determined by the development needs of what is possible for your life. An Evolving Self Retreat contains a strong focus on opening, evolving, moving deeper into what you want to work on and how you want to show up in the world. The time length and location will vary depending on what you are looking for.

  • A couple of days in Big Sur
  • A week in Costa Rica
  • Four days in Key West
  • Ten days of solitude in Hawaii
  • A weekend in downtown Chicago

4. Inner Adventure Weekend

The Inner Adventure Weekend invites you to draw forth the unknowns of your inner world. What guides your choices, your insights, and your motivations? The way you transport yourself, the way you interact, the way you experience the world will all become evident to you. What is vital in your life and in your essence will become more available to you.

An Inner Adventure Weekend is designed to generate possibilities from experiences. The weekend is created to assist you in discovering what is essential for you, as well as what has blocked you from this understanding. An initial pre-assessment is completed in order to determine if this adventure would be of benefit to you. If so, then possible dates will be discussed. 


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