A Case for Athletic Coaches to use a Personal Coach:

In the following excerpt, please substitute Chief Executive Officer with Athletic Coach: 

“…A new study from Stanford and executive coaching firm The Miles Group shows that while two-thirds of chief executives don’t get any coaching or leadership advice from outside their companies, nearly 100% of those bosses say they wish that they did.

Even the best-of-the-best CEOs have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective weighing in,” says Miles Group CEO Stephen Miles in a statement. “We are moving away from coaching being perceived as ‘remedial’ to where it should be something that improves performance, similar to how elite athletes use a coach.”

…”CEOs Just Want to Get Coached”

Susan Adams, Forbes Magazine 

Services for Coaches

1. Integrated Elite Coaching Program

  • Being a good coach in the ultra-competitive world of athletics is incredibly challenging in and of itself. One must be multifaceted, with a tremendous knowledge of the game, an eye for talent, the capacity to teach and motivate, as well as exhibiting a high level of emotional intelligence to effectively lead a wide-range of people within the organization. Being an excellent coach requires a more significant commitment to the practice of sustained personal development, greater self-awareness, understanding your players more thoroughly, continuously assessing your leadership practices, and mindfully crafting a space that allows every individual in the organization to fully bring forth their unique contribution.
  • Becoming an Elite coach requires all of this and more.
  • After establishing desired outcomes, we will schedule regular session meetings as in the Comprehensive Integrated Coaching Program, with two additional components. One: I will engage with your staff, players, and family. They will offer multiple perspectives into your development, growth, and effectiveness integrating the work. Their assessment of you will assist in the continuous re-shaping of your program. Two: I will also come in to watch you in action. I will spend time with you in meetings and at practice. Observing you in action will illuminate the nuances of your challenges and your capacities.
  • We meet once every two weeks. Text, calls, and email as often as needed.
  • The exact program length will vary depending on determined outcomes
  • Measurable outcomes are established for your program
  • Regular practices, exercises, and observations will be designed to cultivate the competencies and qualities you will need to claim new ground
  • Your commitment is paramount to the success of your program.
  • First two sessions regularly 1.5-2h in length
  • Subsequent sessions 1-1.5h in length
  • Sessions with peers are variable in number and length

2. Yoga Athletic Excellence (Teams) 

Our yoga and meditation practices will be customized to fit your team and the desired outcomes. Some athletes look to yoga for a calmer mind, others for greater flexibility and strength, while others seek the healing effects of yoga a day or two after competition. Yoga continues to be adopted by elite performers in virtually every sport. Help take your team to the next level by incorporating yoga and mindfulness into your training.

3. Staff Performance Workshop 1/2 day or full day

A pre-assessment determines the group’s needs. We custom design a ½ day or full day workshop using initiatives and group dialogues to generate sustainable learning that can be integrated into the day-to-day work effort.

4. Staff Retreat

Off-site staff retreats offer an invaluable opportunity for your entire staff to pause and step back from their everyday routine. Time together in a new environment provides an opportunity to assess how things are being done. Fresh perspectives allow the possibility of discovering different, more effective ways of working together, connecting with athletes, and elevating your team’s play. Additionally, a powerful and meaningful retreat allows individual members to recognize how their way of being contributes to or distracts from the groups desired objectives.

5. Team Synergy (workshop full day or ½ day)

We offer engaging team building activities that get everyone up and moving indoors or out. More importantly, the initiatives create a field to cultivate, examine, and discuss performance factors including: Trust, Problem-solving, Communication, Integrity, and Commitment.

Our work uses initiatives to generate sustainable learning that can be integrated back to the playing field. The activities serve as a metaphor to draw forth inner and outer dynamics and principles impacting the individual and the team. We conduct a pre-program needs assessment to customize the event to meet your specific needs.


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