Patton Coaching | Our coaching practice is designed to help you develop the capacity to effectively do what matters most to you in the world. Our coaching provides you, your team, and your organization with greater competency, increased fulfillment, and a more skillful means of working with future possibilities, challenges, and opportunities.

Reasons you might enlist a personal coach:

  • Finding purpose and meaning
  • Achieving greater career success/satisfaction
  • Exploring what really matters to you in your life – restructuring your priorities
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety – finding work-life balance
  • Increasing your self esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Releasing your true potential – discovering your skills, talents and dreams
  • Dealing with difficult or challenging people
  • Finding a new relationship or resolving problems in an existing one
  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one


Stephen Patton

Phone: 847.722.5695

Chicago Office Location:

47 West Division Street #201

Chicago, Illinois 60610

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